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New York, New York

Project Overview

Did you know that the largest city in the United States, a city of nearly 10 million people, has no official Community of Christ presence? Let’s change that!

Let’s build an intentional community for those seeking a spiritual home in the New York City metro-area.

This will not be your normal Sunday morning congregation where people come to our pews. We’ll use a different approach to outreach, where “church” crosses the Hudson River and into the “pews of the city”. We will create sacred community around coffee house tables, sitting on street benches and walks through Central Park.

The mission will be vibrant as we engage in meaningful dialogue, deepen discipleship through spiritual practices and be present with one another. Our purpose is to bring individuals overwhelmed by daily routines, into intentional community with holistic purpose. A place where all are welcome!

We don’t have a precedent model or structure propelling our mission. That’s out greatest strength! There’s flexibility inherently built into the project. While young professionals are part of our initial planning, we hope to provide a community for people in all walks of life.

Our mission is to reach out to all seeking a spiritual home with Community of Christ in the New York City. Gatherings throughout the metro-area will become a critical invitational opportunity for members, friends and Latter-day Seekers.

Expenses can add up quickly for those living and commuting in the city. Furthermore, they can be the breaking point for people’s attendance. We need to look beyond expenses and into the hope of community.

Your donations will be used to offset commuting expenses (trains, buses), one-time space rentals for services, food and drinks and any supplies needed for any group activities. The more financially feasible we can make the gathering, the more we will bring into our unique community.

The most important step now is to bring the people together to start building relationships founded in trust, acceptance and Christ.

Thank you!

Project Backers