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Pursue Peace

Project Overview

We are asking for your support for the Peace Pavilion as we implement the use of cutting edge technology at our new location.

Your donations will allow us to offer meaningful activities and build new exhibits that use exciting interactive technology that relates to children, teenagers and adults as they learn to develop and apply peacemaking skills in their lives.

With your help, our visitors will be able to experience things like creating designs on an interactive mirror, playing music on a gigantic keyboard, covering the walls with incredible designs, and making the world a better place by cleaning up a river without ever leaving the pavilion. Learn more at www.lumoplay.com.

When people come for a visit they could take a virtual tour around the world and be inspired by what peacemakers have done and are doing to promote peace around the globe. With the ability to continually add and update software the list of opportunities to promote peace is practically endless.

$10,000 donated will provide technology for interactive exhibits like: laptops, projectors, IR sensors, software, cables and accessories, a large touch screen computer, and a two way mirror.

Any additional funds will be used to provide the remaining technology for exhibits, community room, and office like: TV/DVD combos, computers, projector and screen, cables and accessories, and sound system.

What is The Peace Pavilion?

The Peace Pavilion is a self-funded interactive children’s museum designed to teach the concepts of peace and to empower children to incorporate peacemaking skills into their everyday lives.

PeacePathways is excited to announce that plans are underway to open a peace center that is more accessible to our visitors and will provide us the opportunity to expand what we can offer to the community.

For over 20 years our outreach has primarily been to preschool and elementary age children, and we will continue offer exhibits and peace education for children like we have done in the past.

But, at our new location we will also expand to have programs, activities, and exhibits to share with middle school and high school students as well as adults. With this expanded audience in mind we have changed our name to Peace Pavilion rather than Children’s Peace Pavilion to reflect all those we will serve.

We want the Peace Pavilion to continue to be a catalyst for peace in our community for people of all ages and we need your help to do this.

We are keeping the current pavilion at the Auditorium so it will be open for events like World Conference and other large gatherings, consequently we will be building all the exhibits at the new location. Some exhibits will be just like the ones we have at the current location and others will be updated or entirely new exhibits that use some of the latest technology.

We need more peacemakers in the world, both young and old, to help promote peace and justice in their homes, neighborhoods and communities everywhere.

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