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Seoul, South Korea

Project Overview

My name is Rhen Corless. When I was younger I truly felt the blessing of community through church camps, reunions, and retreats. During grade school I often was bullied and excluded from friend groups. Unlike my experience in school I found church camps a place full of acceptance. It was wonderful to have a place where I felt like I could shed my social armor. This gift gave me courage and helped me reach for opportunities I wouldn’t have reached for otherwise.

As I transitioned from teenager to young adult I felt a drive to create the same accepting and loving community for others. A great opportunity came when I became a Graceland Summer Representative. I was able to travel across the United States and help make the blessing of community a reality.

Every reunion and senior high camp had a different flavor but the same resonating cords of love, joy, hope, and peace. It was amazing to be able to meet many new people, hear their testimonies, and share my own. I was able to teach classes, lead campfires, and contribute to building the community that my younger self needed all those years ago.

It is this drive that led me to volunteer for World Service Corps. Through World Service Corps I hope to continue building blessings of community on an international level; exploring, creating and living this Enduring Principle to its fullest.

Your generous donations will enable me to serve as a volunteer for one year with Community of Christ in Seoul, South Korea.

A note from the World Service Corps coordinator, Emily Penrose-McLaughlin:

As a WSC candidate, I’ve already enjoyed working with Rhen. He is motivated, organized, and reflective about what he hopes to learn and what he hopes to offer as a WSC volunteer. I’m excited for this opportunity that is set before him to serve as a volunteer for one year in South Korea. The Community of Christ congregation in Seoul is eager to welcome Rhen and his WSC partner, Staven, to share and learn from one another.

Your financial support is essential for Rhen to serve as a long term volunteer in South Korea. Rhen has 30 days to raise $5,000. Please support him through Go Fund Mission.

Why support a WSC volunteer? WSC volunteers further discover and live out the Enduring Principles and Mission Initiatives of Community of Christ. Through Unity in Diversity, Blessings of Community, Inviting People to Christ, and more, WSC volunteers discover their sacred calling in discipleship and offer their giftedness in mission.

Thank you for supporting Christ’s Mission, Our Mission!

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