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Western Europe

Project Overview

More than a year ago, Sandee Gamet embarked on a new adventure serving with World Service Corps in post-career ministry in Europe. While serving as a volunteer, Sandee has served the mission of Community of Christ in many ways, including:

  • Expanding the hymnody of Community of Christ in local languages (specifically Dutch)
  • Inviting and facilitating participation in an emerging church group in Kassel, Germany
  • Promoting child protection standards in line with World Church and European laws
  • Supporting ministry, membership, and seekers in Western Europe
  • Facilitating dialogue opportunities in preparation for the German National Conference
  • Living and sharing mission practices developed by Leading Congregations in Mission
  • Collaborating with a team focused on peace initiatives that can be lived out in the Eurasia Mission Field
  • Facilitating peacebuilding coaching and trainings

The Eurasia Mission Field has enthusiastically invited Sandee to continue serving as a volunteer for another two years! This will allow Sandee’s ministry to continue, supporting the vision and mission of Community of Christ in Europe, further developing relationships with those seeking a spiritual home, and expanding opportunities for dialogue and development of peacebuilding skills.

Your contributions will support ministerial travel expenses for Sandee to continue facilitating these opportunities for church members and friends within the Eurasia Mission Field. Thank you for your support in reaching this goal!

A note from Joey Williams, Europe Mission Centre President:

“Having someone like Sandee, skilled and experienced in ministry, has not only enhanced the projects we’re already working on in Europe, but also brought new vision and new beginnings for ministry in a variety of places. Sandee’s commitment to effective dialogue and restorative communication has transformed the churches and groups in which she works. We desperately need volunteers like Sandee, willing to respond to God’s call in their lives and who desire to continue to develop their own giftedness and talents!”

A note from Sandee Gamet:

“I wasn’t sure what would capture my creative interests and passions in retirement.  I love traveling, investing in other cultures, learning and using new languages, and being with and learning from the members all over the world. Joey Williams, mission centre president, knew my skill set and the needs of his mission centers and asked me to come as a WSC volunteer. This WSC assignment has provided opportunities that fit with what gives me joy in life. It also has given me avenues to more fully live out my High Priest call.  It is using skills from both careers.”

A note from the Emily Penrose-McLaughlin, World Service Corps coordinator:

“Sandee has a love for people and cultures, and also the expertise that allows her to support strategic mission in the field. We’re thankful that Sandee has offered her gifts, skills, and personal resources in this way, and that she has agreed to continue serving for another two years. While Sandee covers the costs of her own living expenses, last year, the World Service Corps program budget was able to cover other necessary expenses for Sandee’s ministry (namely, housing and insurance). Due to significant budget reductions, the program is no longer able to provide this support. The Eurasia Mission Field has picked up these expenses, but funds for ministerial travel are vitally important for Sandee to continue meeting with members and seekers.”

Your financial support is essential for Sandee to continue providing ministry in Europe. Between now and April 4, Sandee has 30 days to raise $3,000. Please support her through Go Fund Mission.

Thank you for supporting Christ’s Mission, Our Mission in Europe!

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