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Seoul, South Korea

Project Overview

Hi, my name is Staven Little and I’m excited and hopeful for the opportunity to serve for 12 months as a World Service Corps volunteer in Seoul, South Korea. I’m asking for your help to reach this goal, which will support my basic living expenses for one year.

I've always felt a strong calling towards helping others and reaching out through ministry in whatever form that may be – whether it’s through music, testimony, or working with kids during summer camps.

During my final semesters of college I started thinking about what I really wanted to do when I graduated. At the same time I was also becoming increasingly more interested in learning about different cultures, specifically the South Korean culture.

This sparked a new desire for learning, which led me to start studying the Korean language on my own, and since then it's been over a year of studying, and also working on a TEFL certification to prepare myself to be able to go to South Korea and teach English. But even then, I knew I'd want to be fully engaged in the culture and do something I'm passionate about.

I realized that I wanted to stay connected with my Community of Christ world-wide family while serving as a volunteer through World Service Corps. I’ve always had it on my mind that I wanted to use my gifts for God, but I didn’t always feel like I was prepared or ready to do so. I felt like when the time was right, I would know. And I feel that nudge now more than ever - that the time is right.

As a volunteer, I will support the ministries of the Seoul congregation through worship, youth and young adult ministries, and community outreach. I know that I will grow and learn a lot from our brothers and sisters in Korea, and I want to continue sharing what I learn when I return home.

Your support will make this possible!

A note from the World Service Corps coordinator, Emily Penrose-McLaughlin:

"Around eight months ago, Staven contacted me to inquire and share his interests in serving as a World Service Corps volunteer in Korea. I shared with him my sincere appreciation for his desire to serve, but also explained that due to significant budget reductions, the program would no longer be able to cover all of his expenses. Fast forward a few months and Staven contacted me again to say that he’d been saving money to go to Korea, but he still felt called to go there as a volunteer with the church. He also informed me that he’d begun studying for the Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification. Here was a young adult with the self-motivation and intention to not only travel to Korea, but to generously offer his own resources in order to serve as a WSC volunteer with Community of Christ."

Your financial support is essential for Staven to serve as a long term volunteer in South Korea. Between now and April 4, Staven has 30 days to raise $5,000.


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