Submit A Project

Submitting a Project is Very Easy!

Just follow these 3 steps:

1. Build

2. Sponsor

3. Submit

1. Build Your Project

Submitting your project is not step number 1, but step number 3.

We recommend that you start by developing and building your project off-line first. When the time comes to submit your project online all you will have to do is copy and paste your text. The following resources have been produced to help you build your project:

2. Sponsor Your Project

Every project needs to be sponsored by a mission center president. They will need to review your project and complete a Project Sponsor Form. Download the form and send it to them, along with the details of your project.

A Project Sponsor is being asked to review your project on the following Project Guidelines:

Projects on GoFundMission must be:

  • Focused on Mission
  • Supported by the local congregation and mission center leadership
  • Consistent with Community of Christ’s message, beliefs and identity
  • In need of funding and not currently budgeted for elsewhere
  • Started within 3 months of a campaign ending
  • Submitted from the jurisdiction of the project
  • A Community of Christ entity, as funds will not be sent to an individual
  • In compliance with current World Church policies
  • Project Sponsor FormTo be completed by your Mission Center President. You will then be asked to uploaded a signed copy of the Project Sponsor Form in Step 3 below.

3. Submit Your Project

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